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Manuka Honey Gummies

Kiwisweet® Manuka Honey Gummies are made with New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 10+ and are gelatin free!

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Goat Milk Chewable Tablets (Original)

A healthy alternative to sugar-loaded sweets and a great choice to boost energy for growing kids.

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Goat Milk Chewable Tablets (Manuka Honey)

A gentle and trusted formulation contains the key ingredients of whole goat milk powder and manuka honey to support your health.

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Goat Milk Benefits

◎ Easiertodigest
◎ Less riskof milk allergies
◎ Plenty of calcium
◎ A good source of key vitaminsand essential minerals

Manuka Benefits

◎ Support digestive health
◎ Boosting the immune system
◎ Natural Substitutes for Sugar


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