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Is goat milk beneficial, and why? KiwiSweet Guide 2021

Is goat milk beneficial, and why? KiwiSweet Guide 2021

Hands down! Goat milk is a crucial part of our lives. That’s because it has tremendous benefits to our health and also our children. In fact, close to 60% of all dairy consumed worldwide is goat milk. Typically, that’s because of the ease of keeping goat milk as opposed to cow milk.

Goat milk is also an essential source of calories, proteins, and fats. If that’s enough, we will highlight all the perks of goal milk and why it’s crucial. That said, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Benefits of goat milk

Is goat milk beneficial, and why? KiwiSweet Guide 2021
  1. Lower levels of Alpha-S1-Casein

    Do you have any allergic reactions to cow milk? Well, there’s a good chance goat milk might be a better option for you. Why? Through research, scientists discovered that people who are intolerant to cow milk, chances are, because of protein 6 and, in particular, Alpha-S1-Casein.

    Now, here’s the most exciting part; even though goat milk is an excellent source of protein, it has considerably lower levels of Alpha-S1-Casein as opposed to cow milk. However, both kinds of milk have a lot of similar traits in regards to protein types present. As such, before you test this theory, it’s essential to consult with your doctor, who will advise you if goat milk is an option.

  2. Different fats and proteins

    Even though cow and goat milk are similar, there are some subtle differences, especially in the fat and protein levels. More importantly, the fat globules are naturally smaller. Additionally, goat milk creates softer curd after consumption. That helps to keep your digestive tract healthy and comfortable.

  3. Lower lactose

    If you suffer from lactose intolerance, then goat milk isn’t recommended. However, goat milk typically has slightly, though subtle, levels of lactose. That’s the natural sugar found in milk. It explains why people with lactose intolerance can enjoy drinking this milk without repercussions. But as always, it’s best to consult with your physician.

  4. Bone strength

    This milk is super rich in calcium, giving adults 100% of all the calcium they need daily. Above all, it’s easily absorbed in the body than most calcium-based foods. It helps develop and maintain teeth and bones, giving your body the natural muscle function to perform everyday tasks

  5. Lower cholesterol

    The levels of dietary cholesterol are lower in goat milk than they are in cow milk. That said, goat milk is an excellent option for anyone watching their diet or fat intake. This milk option makes it easy to keep your diet in check while enjoying your favorite dairy drink.

Is goat milk tablet healthy?

Goat milk tablets are low on fat and are an excellent dairy replacement. That said, yes, goat milk tablets are healthy. In particular, goat milk tablets are beneficial to kids because they are rich sources of proteins and calcium. Above all, these tablets are easy to digest, making them the ultimate way to support bone energy and health in kids and adults suffering from cow milk allergies. Yes, that’s right! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your milk today at KiwiSweet.

Goat Milk Chewable Tablets (Original)

Goat Milk Chewable Tablets (Manuka Honey)

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