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We all want the best for our little ones.

To us, being healthy is the most important and fundamental key to being happy. Obtaining all the nutrients they need is the first step to keep our little ones healthy and the best way to achieve this goal is through a balanced, healthy diet. But let’s face it! For most parents these days, it’s very hard and nearly impossible to prepare a perfect diet for every meal. There’s usually some nutritional gaps and holes and it could eventually lead to malnutrition.

As well as their main meals, children need small snacks to keep them going during the day. Picking their snacks wisely can be an effective way to fill up these nutritional holes and break the cycle of malnutrition. Snacks also help kids keep their energy up throughout the day. Ideal snacks are those that provide the right balance of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and dietary fats.

KiwiSweet carefully selects New Zealand's best-quality ingredients to produce nutritious and tasty confectionery. All our products and raw materials are manufactured under stringent regulations, tests and certifications. Without any nasty additives, we provide smart, healthy and convenient choices for you and your growing children.

KiwiSweet started as a personal journey to find a better and easier way to take care of our kids. We know how hard it is on this tough journey and we’re here to make it much simpler and easier. KiwiSweet will always have your back!
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